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Cocoa Confections is a family-owned business, and that's how we treat our customers too - like family. It all began with one cake! Mrs. Reema baked a cake for her daughter's birthday party and it became an instant hit with the invitees. Little did Reema and her husband Mitesh know that this was the beginning of a very successful home-baking venture. Business boomed and before they knew it, Reema and her husband Mitesh had plunged headlong into the exhilarating experience of being small business owners!
Like every business, Cocoa Confections too has its own unique story. Mrs. Reema first learned to bake as a fun activity at a summer camp. Something about the process stuck because every now and then she'd find herself tinkering with chocolates and cake.
The first proper cake she baked was for her daughter's first birthday. The guests at the party loved it and soon, she got her first few orders from her neighbours and friends. One thing led to another, and orders started pouring in – first, from friends and family, then from their friends and family.
Word was starting to spread about a certain home-baker whose cakes if you'd had once, you'd never be able to eat anyone else's cakes again! After two years of seeing a steady rise in business, Reema and her husband Mitesh took a leap of faith and went all in to launch their own cake shop.
Their clientele now includes community leaders, corporate houses and the same warm families that have given them the encouragement and support to transition from a home-baker to a bakery owner.
Cocoa Confections, which started as a home-baker's pursuit of spreading happiness, now has a franchise and two more in the pipeline. Reema was looking for a pastime, and found her calling instead. And now, Reema and Mitesh intend to pursue it for the rest of their lives.

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